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Lake Garda

Province of trento Province: Trento | brescia | verona
Camping Riva del Garda - Lake Garda

Riva del garda

Camping riva del garda | info.
A characteristic town in the north, it is a meeting point for watersports enthusiasts thanks to the strong winds, which attract sailers and windsurfers. The Apponale tower, the symbol of the city, and the fortress with its drawbridge are worth visiting.
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Camping Arco - Lake Garda


Camping Arco | info.
Popular with mountaineering enthusiasts, accessible throughout the year, it is a cure-all in terms of relaxation and wellbeing. The home of the humanist man of letters, Nicolò d'Arco, during its long history it has seen the passage of the Celts, Romans and Lombards
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CampingNago - Lake Garda


Camping Nago | info.
A true paradise for watersports enthusiasts, the town is a windsurfing and sailing centre at international level. It forms a sort of ampitheatre backing onto the calcareous slopes of Monte Baldo.
Camping Torbole sul Garda - Lake Garda

Torbole sul Garda

Camping Torbole sul Garda | info.
Situated on the plain of the River Sarca, it still conserves old fishermen's cottages in the older part of the harbour. The town is a very popular destination for sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts, as well as for climbers.
Province of brescia Province: Trento | Brescia | verona
Camping Limone sul Garda - Lake Garda

Limone sul Garda

Camping Limone sul Garda | info.
The name of the town derives from the Latin "Limem" (border) and would also appear to refer to the citrus orchards covering the area. The mild climatic conditions are particularly suitable for the cultivation of lemons, olives and citrons.
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Camping Tremosine - Lake Garda


Situated in the upper area on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, the town offers a wealth of opportunities for excursions. It is an important and internationally renowned sports-tourist centre, where it is possible to do watersports such as sailing and windsurfing
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Camping Tignale - Lake Garda


The town's economy revolves around agriculture and tourism, aiming to raise ecological awareness and promoting a range of itineraries on foot, by bicycle and on horseback. The Monte Castello sanctuary is worth visiting.
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Camping Gargnano - Lake Garda


Camping Gargnano | info.
A town with a wealth of history, demonstrated by the many churches, the Franciscan monastery and Villa Feltrinelli. The 'Società del Casinò' dates back to the period of Austrian dominion.
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Camping Toscolano Maderno - Lake Garda

Toscolano Maderno

Camping Toscolano Maderno | info.
The resort developed from the merging of Toscolano, of Etruscan origin and linked to crafts, and Maderno, a town of Roman origin, dedicated to tourism and frequented by sailing enthusiasts. The area is also known as the Valle della Cartiera (paper mill valley) as it is linked to the paper industry.
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Camping Gardone Riviera - Lake Garda

Gardone Riviera

Famous for its beaches and important historic heritage, the tourist image of the resort was enhanced by the poet Gabriele d'Annunzio , who donated the Vittoriale degli Italiani complex to the town.
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Camping Salò - Lake Garda


Overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the gulf, the town conserves a number of Roman remains. The cathedral and Palazzo Fantoni, which houses the university library and a museum dedicated to the Risorgimento, lie between the historic centre and the lakeside promenade and are well worth visiting.
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Camping San Felice del Benaco - Lake Garda

San Felice del Benaco

Camping San Felice del Benaco | info.
The first settlements date back to the lake dwelling era. The 16th century parish church, the 17th century town hall, the church of San Fermo, Villa De Ferrari Borghese Cavazza and the sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine are all worth visiting.
Camping Manerba del Garda - Lake Garda

Manerba del Garda

Camping Manerba del Garda | info.
The town is made up of Balbiana, Solarolo, Gardoncino and Pieve Vecchia and is situated in the middle of the Valtenesi (Valley of the Ateniesi). It owes its name to Minerva: according to legend the Goddess was offered hospitality here and taught the people the art of cultivating olives.
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Camping Moniga del Garda - Lake Garda

Moniga del Garda

Camping Moniga del Garda | info.
For a long time it was linked to the Venetians and dominated by the Hungarian castle, today made up of private dwellings. Immersed in the luxuriant vegetation of its olive groves, the town is the ideal place for an outdoor holiday.
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Camping Padenghe sul Garda - Lake Garda

Padenghe sul Garda

Camping Padenghe sul Garda | info.
A town well-suited for tourism, thanks to the range of tourist facilities available, it is situated on the hills between Desenzano and Salò. Belonging first to the Scaligero and then the Visconti family, it was the birthplace of the 16th century painter Giovanni Bertanza.
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Camping Desenzano del Garda - Lake Garda

Desenzano del Garda

Camping Desenzano del Garda | info.
Home to one of the largest wheat markets in the area in the 15th century, it has a medieval castle and other historic and artistic treasures. The 16th century cathedral houses the Last Supper by Tiepolo.
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Camping Sirmione - Lake Garda


Camping Sirmione | info.
This is a famous spa, thanks to the sulphureous waters ideal for health and beauty treatments. The Scaligero fortress and the "Caves of Catullo", an archaeological complex offering a wealth of findings and the ruins of a Roman villa, should not be missed.
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Province of verona Province: Trento | brescia | Verona
Camping Malcesine - Lake Garda


Camping Malcesine | info.
Famous for its historic centre, it dates back to the Lombard era, as does the castle dominating the town. Inside the museum there are numerous archaeological findings, relics of the Risorgimento and arms. The Palazzo dei Capitani should be visited.
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Camping Brenzone - Lake Garda


Camping Brenzone | info.
The town has numerous sailing clubs, which host international regattas. It is possible to do water sports off the beaches, from which there are various footpaths leading up to Monte Baldo.
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Camping San Zeno di Montagna - Lake Garda

San Zeno di Montagna

Camping San Zeno di Montagna | info.
The town stands on a terrace at an altitude of 600 metres and offers the chance for relaxing holidays for all ages. A range of sports activities and events means there are plenty of opportunities to have fun in the fresh air in a beautiful and tranquil environment.
Camping Torri del Benaco - Lake Garda

Torri del Benaco

Camping Torri del Benaco | info.
An ideal place for excursions, on foot or horseback and for sports such as tennis, golf or fishing, it is particularly well-equipped for watersports (skin-diving, windsurfing, sailing and water-skiing). The late 14th century castle is worthy of note.
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Camping Garda - Lake Garda


The ideal place for long walks along the footpaths of Rocca San Virgilio. Numerous sports and other activities available, from sailing to bike rides, horeseriding, golf and free climbing.
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Camping Bardolino - Lake Garda


Camping Bardolino | info.
The town is known for the wine of the same name, which can be tasted in the streets of the historic centre, dotted with numerous inviting shops. The churches of San Severo and San Zeno and the parks of the 19th century villas are worth visiting.
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Camping Lazise - Lake Garda


Camping Lazise | info.
The town has a characteristically medieval appearance, from the castle to the Scaligero walls. The Hapsburg fortifications are also remarkable. The 16th century customs house is worth visiting.
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Camping Pacengo - Lake Garda


Camping Pacengo | info.
The town is of very ancient origin and conserves findings dating back to the Bronze Age and the remains of lake dwellings. The parish church in neoclassical style and the garden of the villa of Counts Balladoro are worth visiting.
Camping Peschiera del Garda - Lake Garda

Peschiera del Garda

Camping Peschiera del Garda | info.
A military garrison for centuries due to its strategic position, it is famous for the Hapsburg fortifications and the impressive city walls. Nearby there is the sanctuary of the Madonna del Frassino, a place of pilgrimage.
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Camping Castelnuovo del Garda - Lake Garda

Castelnuovo del Garda

Camping Castelnuovo del Garda | info.
A site of prehistoric origin, of particular beauty thanks to its privileged position inland from Lake Garda. The castle and the Viscontea Tower should be visited.
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